Vering Shipping was founded in 1998, at a time we noticed growing business on the canal between Antwerp and Brussels.

A hands-on, professional approach has led us to an increasing market share in this area, resulting in a steady growth.

Many of the local water-connected industry and adjacent companies have become loyal customers to our company.

In 2001, we further expanded the scope of our services, and have since then included warehousing and stevedoring, custom formalities and courier services.

Together with the local Custom officers, and the Harbourmaster, with whom we have an excellent relation, a smooth and quick dispatch is standard with us, both for loading or discharging vessels, whether coastal or deepsea (upto 10.000 mt dwcc).

Meanwhile, also the Port of Antwerp is being covered, where we can provide you with a similar - first class - service for your vessels.